Flex exchange system
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Flex Class Referencefinal

Implements tvm::IFlex interface. More...

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struct  error_code
 To allow deploy message only with onDeploy call. More...

Public Member Functions

resumable< void > onDeploy (uint128 flex_keep_evers, PairCloneEvers evers, address_opt old_flex)
address addXchgPair (PairCloneEvers evers, Tip3Config major_tip3cfg, Tip3Config minor_tip3cfg, uint128 min_amount, uint128 minmove, uint128 price_denum, address notify_addr)
void unlistXchgPair (address pair)
PairsRange requestPairs ()
FlexSalt getConfig ()
FlexDetails getDetails ()
address getXchgTradingPair (address tip3_major_root, address tip3_minor_root)
uint128 calcLendTokensForOrder (bool sell, uint128 major_tokens, price_t price)
void check_owner ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int _fallback ([[maybe_unused]] cell msg, [[maybe_unused]] slice msg_body)
static int _receive ([[maybe_unused]] cell msg, [[maybe_unused]] slice msg_body)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool _checked_deploy = true

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DFlex
uint32 exchange_version_
 Exchange update group version.
int8 workchain_id_
 Workchain id.
optcell xchg_pair_code_
 XchgPair code (with salt added)
address_opt first_pair_
 First XchgPair in linked list.
address_opt last_pair_
 Last XchgPair in linked list.
uint32 pairs_count_
 Count of XchgPair contracts.
uint128 flex_keep_evers_
 Evers to keep in the contract.
address_opt it_
 Old pair iterator (for cloning)
address_opt prev_clone_
 Previous pair clone (for cloning)
address_opt next_
 Next XchgPair address (for cloning)
address_opt notify_addr_
 Notification address (AMM) (for cloning)
uint128 min_amount_
 Minimum amount of major tokens for a deal or an order.
uint128 minmove_
 Minimum move for price.
uint128 price_denum_
 Price denominator for the pair.
opt< Tip3Config > major_tip3cfg_
 Configuration of the major tip3 token for current pair (for cloning)
opt< Tip3Config > minor_tip3cfg_
 Configuration of the minor tip3 token for current pair (for cloning)

Detailed Description

Implements tvm::IFlex interface.

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