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IUserDataConfig Interface Reference

UserDataConfig contract interface. More...

#include <UserDataConfig.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void onDeploy (bind_info binding, cell flex_client_stub, cell flex_client_code, cell auth_index_code, cell user_id_index_code)
 Deploy processing. More...
address deployFlexClient (uint256 pubkey, uint128 deploy_evers, bytes signature)
 Deploy FlexClient, signature - FlexClientStub address.val (without workchain id), signed by owner of the pubkey.
UserDataConfigDetails requestDetails ()
 Request info about contract state details (internal call)
address getFlexClientAddr (uint256 pubkey)
 Get FlexClient address.
UserDataConfigDetails getDetails ()
 Get info about contract state details.
UserDataConfigSalt getConfig ()
 Get config from code salt.

Detailed Description

UserDataConfig contract interface.

UserDataConfig keeps FlexClient/debots/UI configuration for specific user version

Member Function Documentation

◆ onDeploy()

void onDeploy ( bind_info  binding,
cell  flex_client_stub,
cell  flex_client_code,
cell  auth_index_code,
cell  user_id_index_code 

Deploy processing.

bindingExchange binding info (Flex address and PriceXchg code hash (unsalted))
flex_client_stubFlexClientStub code
flex_client_codeFlexClient code
auth_index_codeAuthIndex code
user_id_index_codeUserIdIndex code

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