Flex exchange system
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IXchgPair Interface Reference

XchgPair contract interface. More...

#include <XchgPair.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void onDeploy (uint128 min_amount, uint128 minmove, uint128 price_denum, uint128 deploy_value, address notify_addr, Tip3Config major_tip3cfg, Tip3Config minor_tip3cfg)
 Initialization method, may only be called by Flex root or previous XchgPair. More...
XchgPairDetails requestDetails ()
 Request contract details (by internal message)
void setNext (address next)
 Set next pair address.
void unlist ()
 Set unlisted flag.
XchgPairDetails getDetails ()
 Get contract details.
XchgPairSalt getConfig ()
 Get XchgPair configuration from code salt (common for all pairs of one flex)
cell getPriceXchgCode (bool salted)
 Get PriceXchg contract code with configuration salt added.
cell getPriceXchgSalt ()
 Get PriceXchg salt (configuration) for this pair.

Detailed Description

XchgPair contract interface.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onDeploy()

void onDeploy ( uint128  min_amount,
uint128  minmove,
uint128  price_denum,
uint128  deploy_value,
address  notify_addr,
Tip3Config  major_tip3cfg,
Tip3Config  minor_tip3cfg 

Initialization method, may only be called by Flex root or previous XchgPair.

min_amountMinimum amount of major tokens for a deal or an order
minmoveMinimum move for price
price_denumPrice denominator for the pair
deploy_valueCrystals to be kept in the contract
notify_addrNotification address (AMM)
major_tip3cfgMajor tip3 configuration
minor_tip3cfgMinor tip3 configuration

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